Standing All Day? Follow These Tips To Prevent Foot Pain

Sitting all day has come to be known for its poor effects on human health. But that does not mean that standing all day is great for you, either. Spending all day on your feet — especially if you're standing mostly in one place or on hard ground — can lead to foot problems over time. However, switching up your routine is not always an option. If you really have no choice but to stand all day, follow these tips to help reduce and prevent foot pain.

1. Buy shoes with a good midsole.

You really need to find a good pair of shoes that fits your foot. It should not move around on your heel when you walk, press on your toes, or pinch the sides of your feet. But what most people overlook when shopping for shoes is the quality of the midsole. This is the layer between the actual footbed and the sole that touches the floor. As the midsole is largely responsible for cushioning your foot and absorbing the shock, you need it to be firm, yet supportive with some give. Look at the shoe's midsole from the side. Is it at least 3/4" thick? Does it have some "give" when you press on it with your thumb? If not, move on to a different pair of shoes.

2. Wear arch supports.

Many shoes do not have quite enough arch support in them for long-term, daily use when you're standing on your feet all day. Adding more arch support will help prevent issues like plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. You can find arch supports in most pharmacies and shoe stores. If you have trouble finding one that is comfortable or that fits your foot, ask your podiatrist; they can custom-order a set.

3. Stretch when possible.

Whenever you have a break or a few spare minutes in your day, take that time to stretch your feet. It is best if you can remove your shoes to do this. Start by sitting down and using your hands to help bend your toes as far forward and as far back as they will go. You can also stand with your toes up against the wall and your heels on the floor. Massage the bottoms of your feet a little, too. This will help keep circulation going, which will help prevent issues like corns.

Spending all day on your feet is not terribly good for them. In addition to following the tips above, make sure you consult with a podiatrist to ensure any problems you do develop are caught and dealt with early.

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