Foot Wound And You're Diabetic? How To Treat And Prevent A Wound

Diabetes is a disease that affects the body in a number of different ways. It can cause issues with your vision, it can affect how you heal, and it can cause problems with circulation, which can affect your feet and legs. If you wind up with a wound on your feet, your feet may not heal properly, and you could end up needing surgery or an amputation. If you have a wound on your foot, the best thing you can do to treat it is to go to your podiatrist and have it treated by a medical professional. If you aren't able to get to the podiatrist, there are a few things you can do in the meantime. Read on for treatment tips and ways to prevent a wound.

Treating A Diabetic Foot Wound

A diabetic foot wound should always be treated by a medical professional/podiatrist. Treat your foot wound at home by making sure it stays dry. Clean it thoroughly with soap and water, but when it's clean, be sure it is completely dry. You should keep the wound covered during the day but allow it to stay open and to heal while you're sleeping. Use an antibiotic ointment to clean the wound and to help it heal. Change the bandage on your wound often throughout the day and don't allow any moisture into the bandages. If you have sweaty feet, change the bandages as often as necessary.

Preventing Wounds

Preventing wounds as a diabetic is very important. You need to be sure to keep your feet healthy by going to the podiatrist to have your nails clipped or for any other concerns. Never get pedicures from a nail salon. As a diabetic, you are more likely to get an infection that you won't be able to fight off than someone that doesn't have diabetes. Remember to keep your feet dry by drying your feet completely after showering or swimming, and wear shoes that will keep your feet dry. If you have sweaty feet, wear socks that can wick the sweat away from your feet. Be sure to wear shoes that fit your feet properly. Don't wear shoes that are too small or shoes that are too large, which can cause blisters or sores. 

If you are a diabetic with a foot wound, it needs careful and proper treatment. Go to the podiatrist for treatment of your wound, and take good care of your feet.

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