Signs You Have An Ingrown Toenail

Ingrown toenails are when your toenails grow into your skin on the side of the toe. It can happen on all of the toes or just on one toe. This can be very painful and can leave your feet hurting constantly, not just when you're moving and walking. Ingrown toenails can sometimes be treated at home on your own, but sometimes they can require the help of a podiatrist or require surgery. If you aren't sure if you have ingrown toenails, read on for a few signs.

Pain In The Side Of Your Toes

If you have pain in the side of the toe where the nail may be growing into the skin, it could be from an ingrown toenail. You could have pain in your toes for other reasons as well, such as if your shoes are too tight and causing your toes to squish together. You could also have pain in the side of your toe because of your feet rubbing on your shoes. If changing your footwear doesn't help with this pain, it's most likely an ingrown toenail.

You Have Redness Or Swelling At The Site

If you have redness or swelling where the toenail is growing into the skin, it may be caused by an ingrown toenail. If you attempt to pick out the ingrown nail, you could end up in more pain, or you may cause the area to become infected. If you have oozing in addition to swelling and redness, it may be because the ingrown nail is infected. Get to the podiatrist for treatment and help getting rid of the ingrown nail.

Your Nail Is Curling Into The Skin

If you see that your nail is curling into the skin, more than likely you have an ingrown nail. Your nail needs to be corrected to grow properly and to stop curling. It may be curling because your shoes are too tight or because of the way you are clipping your nails. You may also have to have surgery in order to correct the way your nail is growing. Your nail may have to be removed completely so it grows back in properly.

If you aren't sure if you have an ingrown toenail but you have pain in your toe(s), get to the podiatrist for help to have your toe examined and treated as needed. Ingrown toenails can be very painful — don't suffer with this pain any longer; get treatment to prevent it from worsening.

To learn more, contact a podiatrist.