What You Should Do If You Have A Toe Infection

An infection in the toe can be very painful. It can leave you unable to walk properly and give you constant pain even if you aren't moving. A toe infection can be caused by a number of things, including an ingrown toenail, using nail clippers that have bacteria on them, or going to a nail salon that is using un-clean tools. You can also end up with an infection in your toe by getting injured and it not healing properly. Those that are diabetic are most prone to an infection in the toe or foot, and if you are diabetic, you need to be very careful with your feet. If you have an infection in the toe, there are a few things you can do. Read on for helpful tips.

Keep It Clean

You need to be sure you keep your toe clean and free of bacteria. Wash your toe daily and use warm soap and water to get into the area that is infected. You can also use an antibiotic to help the infection heal faster. Using hydrogen peroxide can also help heal the infection and kill bacteria inside the wound. 

Keep It Covered

You should keep the infected area covered when you are out and about, but you also need to dry it out and uncover it when you are at home and not walking around as much. Keep the infection covered with gauze or a bandage. You can apply a small amount of Neosporin to your toe and then cover it. Remove the bandage when you get home, and leave your toe in the open air if you can. You should also replace your bandage if it gets wet or moist in any way, to prevent bacteria growth.

Seek Help

If your infected toe is not getting any better, you need to seek help from a foot specialist. Your infection could worsen and leave you with even more pain or worse, you may end up needing surgery in order to clean out the infection. If you have an infection in your toe, and it isn't healing, get help from a podiatrist for proper treatment.

Toe infections can occur from a number of things. If you have an infection in your toe, take care of it properly to prevent it from worsening. If you aren't able to get it to heal yourself, get to a podiatrist for treatment.