Possible Reasons For Your Cold Feet And Treatments That Might Help

It's normal to have cold feet if you've been playing in the snow, but when your feet are cold when you're in bed at night even in the summer, you could have a problem with your circulation or nerves. If you have cold feet often, see a podiatrist for an evaluation so treatment can be given if it's needed. Here are some causes of cold feet, and some home remedies and treatments that might help warm your feet.

Reasons Your Feet Are Always Cold

If you have reduced blood flow in your feet, this can cause your feet to feel cold all the time or get cold easily, even if the weather is warm. Blood flow can decrease due to problems with your vessels, such as when they're damaged by diabetes or when they are narrow with plaque or blocked by a blood clot.

Different medical conditions can cause cold feet, and some medications can even have this problem as a side effect. Anything that affects your circulation or nerve sensation can result in the feeling of having cold feet. Cold feet is not only an annoying sensation, but it can also be a symptom of a more serious problem such as peripheral artery disease or a blood clot, so you should have a checkup to avoid having complications from a medical condition you may not realize you have.

Tests You Might Need To Uncover The Cause

You might need to have a variety of medical tests to check for a number of conditions. Blood tests can show problems like diabetes or hypothyroidism. Your podiatrist might also order imaging tests of your lower extremities and tests that check your blood circulation. You might even have your nerves tested to see if you have a loss of sensation in your feet.

Home Treatments That Might Help

Your podiatrist may recommend different home treatments to help you with the discomfort of having cold feet. This might include always wearing dry, warm socks and using a heating pad. However, if you have a loss of sensation too, your podiatrist may not want you to use a heating pad if there is a risk of burning your feet.

Other things you might try are walking before getting in bed so your blood flow is stimulated. Massaging your feet might help as well. Make sure the rest of your body is covered and stays warm too so heat isn't lost through your back or legs while you're sleeping at night.

Medical Treatments That Might Help Cold Feet

Your podiatrist may work with your other medical doctors to treat your condition. Treating the underlying cause might provide some relief for your feet too. Medications might be needed for your thyroid, diabetes, or vascular disease. You might need to make lifestyle changes, such as losing weight and stopping smoking so your circulation improves. You might also need to start exercising to stimulate blood flow.

If the problem is caused by a growth on your foot or some other foot abnormality, you might even need to have foot surgery. However, in many cases, treating your underlying medical condition, keeping your feet covered and warm, and seeking care from your podiatrist when needed might be what it takes to relieve your restless nights due to feet that feel like they're freezing when you try to sleep.

For more information, contact a podiatrist today.